The Sam Pasco Studio specializes in providing personalized one-on-one piano and keyboard lessons to all music enthusiasts - from the very beginner to the advanced. We understand that each student is an individual with their own learning style and ability, and tailor lessons accordingly.

Unlike conventional studios with mundane repetitive weekly lesson practices, the Sam Pasco Studio engages each student in discovering and developing their own creativity, thus expanding and enhancing the musical learning experience.



Utilizing Sam's Your Voice™ method, a teaching system designed to surface your innate abilities, we will assist you in discovering your own unique voice, culminating in a more creative and personal style that is truly your own.

Through the Your Voice™ method students will learn how to easily recognize common patterns found in all music, while learning and adding their intrinsic voice to that music.

We have been successfully teaching students of all ages for over twenty years, and  throughout that time imparting one of the most important lessons of all.... the lesson of self confidence. Piano instruction has continually proven to greatly enhance both self-esteem and confidence, essential for success in any endeavor. 





Piano Lessons

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What Our Students Have to Say...

Sam, thank you for being the true meaning of a teacher who cares about his students.

Nicholas DeCesare

Sam always encouraged me to write my own songs and to get out and perform them. I never would have gotten anywhere without him, he totally prepared me for my auditions when I decided to apply at Duquesne University and I know that everything that I used to pass my auditions came from him. Countless times, Sam has called me with great opportunities like being in a commercial, singing at different places, being in my first band. I never would of have written a song, gotten into Duquesne, or in a band without Sam, so I am eternally grateful to him.

Liz Piuri

As you can imagine I am one proud and happy mom! But more, I'm proud and happy for Andrew that he has the opportunity to study at Berklee. I especially appreciate your interest in Andrew and his musical development and your involvement in his getting accepted at Berklee. Truly, thank you!

Karen Kirkpatrick

Thank you for all you have done in the making of the CD. Without your help this CD wouldn't be possible. I will tell all the kids in Russia about you. Thank you again for all your time and knowledge.

Andrew Flower

Thank you Sam for developing my ear and for teaching me the secrets of soloing and improvising.

Jimmy Wexler

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